Radius of a Wish Unfulfilled

(Machinic Elixir - Improvisation One)

Installation with a silent video loop, wall text, stills and lecture-performance
Open studio display at Ashkal Alwan for HWP 2016
This work is a partial realisation of a system of ideas developed over 10 months during Home Workspace Program, titled Machinic Elixir. The system proposes texts, 3d-rendered stills and animations, scripts for videos and other durational components like talks and lectures. The Open Studio sessions displayed a preliminary trial or Improvisation One of these interconnected set of ideas. For example, the installation displayed here belongs to the section Dust in the larger complex of ideas displayed in the space as text. It follows the story of a group of people who gather near a hallucinogenic crater in an unspecified desert. Precognitive particles fly about in an approaching dust storm. These particles function like fleeting-improvised prosthesis, marking out new lines of ascent, descent and drift for migratory behaviour. Speculations arise over whether the crater is a womb or a sarcophagus.
Radius Radius Radius
The overall concern of the project Machinic Elixir is to develop fictions or propositions based on the decay of some of the techno-utopian impulses of the 1960's-70's and the mutations that emerge in the wake of its fallout. Each improvisation of the project examines different aspects of this decaying utopianism and the anomalous processes that power its shape-shifting qualities. This work, being a preliminary trial, forms Improvisation One of the still ongoing project.