Nervous Fossils: Syndromes of the Synthetic Nether

Printed Book. 110 pages. 13,5x21cm. 2022.
Published by Reliable Copy and Kiran Nadar Museum of Art.

Editors: Akansha Rastogi and Nihaal Faizal
Editorial Support: Avijna Bhattacharya and Sarasija Subramanian
Images: Adityan Melekalam and Mochu
Publication Design: Squadron 14

Podcast, Artreview, 30 minutes:

Stationed around an art freeport megaproject in the Persian Gulf, and hopping across numerous locations real and fabricated, the book spins off into shadow- histories of synthetic colour production, abstruse citizenship schemes, nuclear warning signs, and syndromes leaking back from the future. During their idiosyncratic philosophical debates, the project employees gradually begin to sense a manic sensorium operating beneath their seemingly sterile financial and logistical systems. Troubles erupt while discussing works of art; futurist imaginaries of financialisation stumble upon the deep inertia of historical time preserved in museums and tombs. Monumental works of art pleasantly rotting in history enter into messy partnerships with volcanoes, hadopelagic planktons, and whimsical vibes of rich people. Stakes are endless while smiles are fake, as the debates swerve into the discreet horror of corporate gleefulness.

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Nervous Fossils Nervous Fossils Nervous Fossils
Nervous Fossils Nervous Fossils Nervous Fossils Nervous Fossils